How can I set up an export to OUTTRA from Ascend?

Here we describe how to set up an export to OUTTRA from your Ascend system so that your available items are displayed on the respective brand websites.

First we need some information...

In order to connect your merchandise management system to our OUTTRA systems, we first need information such as contact details, EAN/GTIN usage and the merchandise management system you are using. If you have not already done so, please fill out our merchant onboarding form. After that our customer service will contact you with your OUTTRA access data.

As soon as you have your access data, you can continue with the next step:

To set up the interface in Ascend

To connect to OUTTRA via Ascend, the following steps are required:

1. Set up a Custom Query with Ascend that contains your EAN/GTIN, Inventory and Brand fields. Here is how to create this:

2. Set up automatic delivery of your previously created query in Ascend to the FTP server at OUTTRA. How to do this is described here: