Specification for retailer connection to OUTTRA

Here you can find the specification for connecting a retailer to OUTTRA

To connect you to the OUTTRA Brand (Where-To-Buy Local & Where-To-Buy Online) interfaces, we need a daily updated CSV or XML file containing all EANs/GTINs of the available articles of your store(s) and/or your online store of the corresponding brand(s) on variant level, i.e. one line per article number/size/color.

This file will be sent to us via FTP or download link. You will receive your FTP access data from our support.

Our system processes the file multiple times a day.

UTF-8 encoding should be used.

Here you find an example of such an export-file: outtra_wtb_csv_template.csv

At least the following fields should be included in the file.

  • gtin
    This field should contain the GTIN/EAN of the corresponding variant.
  • name (optional)
    The name of the item variant should be submitted here.
  • url (only necessary for online or multichannel retailers)
    If you run an online store, you can transmit the URL to the article variant in your store here.
  • stock
    In this field the stock of the respective item is transmitted.
  • storeId (only necessary for multiple stores)
    If you have more than one store, you can enter a store ID here, which can be used to identify a specific store. Afterwards, please inform us via our support which store ID is to be assigned to which store address.

The file can also contain more fields. We will then only read out those that are important for us.

For further questions about the connection please contact our support:

E-mail: support-en@outtra.com