Stockists FAQ

Here you will find questions and answers about the OUTTRA network and the tools offered.

General questions

What is OUTTRA?

OUTTRA is the platform for the outdoor & sports industry, through which stockists can integrate their currently available articles on the websites of the participating brands and in their own digital shop window.

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Do stockists have to pay anything for integration?

No, for stockists the integration of their available articles is free of charge. OUTTRA is paid by the brands for this service.

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Do I have to meet any technical requirements to benefit from OUTTRA?

There are no technical requirements to become an OUTTRA stockist.

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Questions about automatic integration

How does the automatic integration work?

The automatic transmission of the currently available products to OUTTRA is based on an interface through which your POS transmits the required data to us. This is normally done via a CSV file containing the UPC/EAN numbers of the currently available articles. We support the integration and will gladly take over the communication with the IT service provider.

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How often must the data be updated?

The data must be updated automatically at least once a day - more often if desired. We check approximately every three hours whether new data is available and integrate it automatically into our system.

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What data does OUTTRA need from POS?

We only need the supplier UPC/EAN numbers. However, since these are not always completely maintained, we recommend that you transfer the following information:

  • Supplier UPC/EAN
  • Supplier article number
  • Supplier color
  • Supplier size

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How is the data transmitted to OUTTRA?

This is usually done via FTP access, which we can provide for each dealer. Please contact us to get one.

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Is there a specification for automatic integration?

Yes, this specification is available here: Specification_OUTTRA_Brand_WTB_Interface_Stores.pdf

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Questions about manual integration

How can available items be manually transferred to OUTTRA?

The following video explains how you can manually store your stationary available articles in the OUTTRA system.

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Why are my manually submitted items not immediately visible in my digital shop window at the linked brand websites?

Due to the technical infrastructure of the OUTTRA system, it can take up to three hours before your changes are visible in all areas.

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Can I see which items I have marked as available?

Yes, you can do this via a filter on the page where you can enter the availabilities. On the far right there is a dropdown with the name "Availability". If you click on it, the option "Show products in stock" appears:

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Is there a possibility to import my available products via Excel or CSV file?

We are currently working on this possibility.

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How often do I have to confirm my information on the available products?

To keep the data in the system up to date, it is necessary that you update the specified availabilities at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If nothing has changed, simply click on the green button "Transmit stock availability to OUTTRA".

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What happens if I forget to confirm my available items on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday?

Then the following day, no more of your items will be displayed at the brands or in your digital shop window. The data are not lost, however. By logging in to OUTTRA and updating the information on available items, they will be displayed again the next day.

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Can I switch from manual integration to automatic integration as soon as a suitable POS is available and set up?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Please contact us briefly so that we can carry out the automatic integration.

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Questions about the OUTTRA Tools

What is the digital shop window?

Via the digital shop window it is possible for stockists to display the products they currently have in stock. This can be done either via the website of the participating brand or on their own website. This works for all articles of brands that have connected their product data to the OUTTRA platform (currently e.g. ORTOVOX and Chillaz).

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Can the digital shop window also be implemented on my own website?

Yes, the digital shop window can also be used on your website. If you send us an e-mail, we will be happy to show you how it can be installed without any complications.

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What is the Where-to-buy Local Tool?

Using the Where-to-buy Local Tool, brands can support their retailers by showing their website visitors which of their retailers currently has the desired product in stock.

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What is the Where-to-buy Online Tool?

The Where-to-buy Online Tool serves to enable brands to recommend to their visitors exactly those online shops that currently have the desired product available.

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What is the OUTTRA Dealer Locator?

The OUTTRA Dealer Locator is our alternative to the classic dealer search. It not only displays dealers with additional information, such as opening hours, but also shows the products currently in stock at the dealer in the digital shop window.

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