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How it works


Registration and shop interation

Register at OUTTRA and let our team integrate your shop. There are no notice periods or minimum sales.


Select and connect with publishers

In your Dashboard, select OUTTRA publishers from the outdoor and sports sector, on whose pages you want to present articles of your assortment.


Detailed analysis of your integration

Analyze & manage your collaborations based on detailed reports in your personal OUTTRA backend.


Latest pricing information

Where-To-Buy Widgets

Our Where-To-Buy tool is placed where the product is presented to the visitors. There you now have the possibility to present your price and your availability for the presented product. Automatically and effortlessly for you!


Recommend several products

Product Walls

Our Product Walls are used when several products are presented at the same time. This is the case, for example, when presenting a packing list or favorite products. There you now have the possibility to include your price and availability of the presented products. Automatically and effortlessly for you!


The complete market overview

Shopping portal

This tool is used by our publishers when they want to present their visitors not only a selection of products, but also a complete - relevant to a certain topic - shopping portal. Here you have the possibility to display the products of your assortment. Automatically and effortlessly for you!


Your articles on bannerplaces in the network

Display Ads

With our Display Ads Tool, we offer you an opportunity to present your offers on banner spaces of publishers you are connected with. These can be either automated product ads or display campaigns.

Improve campaigns with bloggers and influencers


Through our campaigns tool, you can optimize your collaboration with bloggers and influencers from the outdoor & sports industry. We provide the tools you need to quickly and easily manage your campaigns.

Some partner shops in the network

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