Dealer Locator Example Vaude

The OUTTRA Dealer Locator Tool replaces the classic dealer search at Vaude

Vaude uses the OUTTRA Dealer Locator Tool in various places on to always show its visitors the appropriate dealers.

General dealer locator

In the general dealer search the visitor can see all Vaude dealers from his region. In addition to the address and contact details, the opening hours of the respective dealers are also displayed.

If a dealer is connected to OUTTRA, the visitor can access the Vaude range of this dealer via the integrated digital shop window and search specifically for a desired product.

In addition, the visitor can filter the displayed retailers according to the categories "Outdoor Sports", "Pack 'n Bags" as well as "Bike Sports" to get only the relevant retailers displayed.

Vaude Stores

The Dealer Locator is also used to display Vaude Stores. This map then shows the user's own Vaude stores including address and contact details as well as opening hours. The digital shop window is also integrated here, so that visitors can see which Vaude items are currently available in the respective stores.