How does the appointment booking via OUTTRA work?

There is a simple module for this, which brands can activate.

The appointment booking can be activated for brands, so that a "Book appointment" field appears in the dealer list. Then a window opens in which the appointment request can take place.

The process is as follows:

  1. The customer on the website wants to book an appointment with a dealer and clicks here on "Book appointment".
  2. Now a window opens, in which he can select the desired date. All appointments within the opening hours of the dealer are always available.
  3. After selecting the appointment and entering the contact details, the customer and the dealer receive an email from OUTTRA with the appointment request.
  4. Now the dealer confirms the appointment request by clicking on the link in his mail, which he received from OUTTRA. If the trader does not click on this link, the appointment is not considered confirmed. If the proposed appointment is not suitable for the dealer, he can contact the customer directly and arrange an alternative appointment with him - but the OUTTRA system will not know about it.
  5. The customer then receives an appointment confirmation from the OUTTRA system.


If the dealer uses Shore or TIMIFY as appointment booking system, we can integrate these systems directly. This way, only free appointments will be shown to the customers and the complete appointment management will be done by these systems. So no mails are sent via OUTTRA.

The workflow in the system is as follows:

On desktop devices

On mobile devices