How does the automatic integration work?

The automatic integration works via an interface to your merchandise management system.

The automatic transmission of the currently available products to OUTTRA is based on an interface via which your merchandise management system transmits the required data to us. This is usually done via a CSV file that contains the EAN numbers of the currently available articles. We support the integration and are happy to take over the communication with the IT service provider.

A specification for the CSV can be found here: OUTTRA specification local stores

We have already set up interfaces for over 20 merchandise management systems and created corresponding instructions for integration. Please have a look at our FAQ articles for automatic integration and search for your system. You can also simply use the search function to look for an FAQ article on your merchandise management system.

If your system is not mentioned in our FAQ, please contact the support team of your ERP provider with the specifications of OUTTRA and inquire whether an export is possible. Alternatively, you can contact our support team with the name of a contact person at your ERP provider and we'll do this for you.