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The Gigasport Integration is ready - EN

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Gigasport is one of the five largest sports retail companies in Austria and is part of the largest sports retail group in Austria. And now this chain with its 18 dealers in the Alps, who open their doors to outdoor enthusiasts between Brunn am Gebirge and Innsbruck, is also connected to OUTTRA!
Interested customers who are looking for the latest products on the websites of Ortovox, Vaude, Maier Sports, Chillaz, Fischer or Ziener can now see which products are available in Gigasport branches - and can thus easily be reserved, tried on and bought at the store! This allows customers to discover new and interesting products on the brand websites and then purchase them locally in a Gigasport branch! 


Are you a retailer and carry brands which cooperate with us? Then get started with OUTTRA today and let us display your goods on the brand websites using the "Buy Local" search. The integration is free for you, safe according to the General Data Protection Regulation and an effective way to bring customers into your business. Contact us today at support-en@outtra.com - we look forward to hearing from you!