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OUTTRA is now an Official Partner of the vds

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The vds has been active since 1910, representing the specialist sports retailers in Germany and their interests - and we are delighted to be able to provide the association and its members with advice and support!

The Association of German Sports Retailers has been campaigning for the interests of sports retailers since 1910, and was significantly involved in the creation of the ISPO industry trade fair. OUTTRA is proud to be an official partner of the vds  and we support retailers in making their available items visible. This is done with the help of our three tools:

The Where-To-Buy Local Tool shows customers who also want advice, try on the item and finally buy it from a local retailer, which stationary retailer in the visitor's region currently has the desired products available in the area.

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Our Dealer Locator Tool is an improvement on the classic dealer search. The visitor can quickly find the right retailer for the brand from his region, and in addition to the address and contact details, the opening times are also displayed. The big specialty is the integrated digital shop window, which shows which articles the retailer currently has available. 

The Shop Window Tool is a digital shop window. Visitors can see directly which items of the brand the selected retailer currently has available. This shop window is visible on the brand website for all retailers which have an automatic or manual connection to OUTTRA, and it can also be used on the retailer's own website. 


Are you a vds member and dealer of brands that work with us? Then get started with OUTTRA today and let us display your goods on the brand websites using the "Buy Local" search. The integration is free for you, safe according to the General Data Protection Regulation and an effective way to bring customers into your business. Contact us today at support-en@outtra.com - we look forward to hearing from you!