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Since 1949, the Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Sports Equipment Suppliers of Austria has been promoting the interests of sports retailers and the sports industry, organizing trade fairs and order days and awarding test seals.

We are proud to be an official partner of the VSSÖ since May 2021 and to support the cooperation between sports retailers and the sports industry with our systems.

This is done with the help of our three different tools:

The Where-To-Buy Local Tool helps customers who also want to get advice, try on the item and finally buy it from the local retailers to see which stationary specialty retailer in the visitor's region currently has the desired products available on the floor. Here is a Where-To-Buy Local example from Ortovox.


Our Dealer Locator Tool is an improvement of the classic dealer search. Here, the visitor can quickly find the suitable dealers of the brand from his region. In addition to the classic address and contact data, the opening hours are also displayed. The special feature is the integrated digital shop window, which shows which items the dealer currently has available. Click here for an example of Dealer Locator at Vaude.


The Shop Window tool is a digital shop window. Here visitors can directly see which items of the brand the selected retailer currently has available. This Shop Window is visible at all retailers on the brand website, e.g. at Vaude, which have an automatic or manual connection to OUTTRA, and can also be used on your own website. Here you can see an Ortovox example at Baumhauer Outdoorsport.


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