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Webinar: Potential of data use in the outdoor & sports industry

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How can we use data in a way that simplifies the traceability of sustainability and enables streamlined transfer of content and images between brands and retail partners?

Together with #she is outdoors, EOG and OUTDOORDELUXE, we have organized a webinar on this exciting and important topic for our industry.

OUTTRA founder Sigi Müller is committed to take part in the development of our industry: "I believe that collaboration in data exchange within the outdoor & sports industry drives innnovation, community ties and sustainability. OUTTRA offers a solution for these topics through effective data sharing."

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During the webinar, he'll present the new OUTTRA Data & Image Hub that offers brands and retailers a platform to exchange product data and images quickly and easily, in line with industry data standards, independent of different file formats, at a central location and across national borders.

JOIN IN LIVE on 13/04/2023 10-11am to participate in the Q&A session with experts from the outdoor & sports industry or sign up to access the recording later on:

Update 13/04/2023: Here you can watch the recording of the webinar. You'll find more info by clicking on the buttons below.