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Welcome to the Outtra Family, Atomic!

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The renowned ski brand Atomic has been using the OUTTRA Where-To-Buy Local and Dealer Locator tools since summer 2022, allowing its customers to see currently available products from dealers on Atomic.com.

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With the Where-To-Buy Local tool, ski enthusiasts can use the “Find your product at a retailer near you” button on the product detail page find a local retailer who has the product they are looking for in store.

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After clicking on the button, the visitor has the option of being located automatically or entering a location manually. The dealers in her region who currently have the product she is looking for available are then displayed. Now the visitor knows at which local specialist retailer she can find the desired product - and their opening times and address as well as contact details are also displayed.

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Atomic also uses the OUTTRA Dealer Locator as a dealer search on their website. This allows visitors to see which Atomic dealers are in their region, regardless of the product.


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With the digital shop window in the dealer search, the visitor can also see which Atomic products are available from a dealer - without having to drive to the dealer.


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We are looking forward to a great cooperation with Atomic - and to a snowy winter ❄️⛷