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Maier-Sports now at OUTTRA

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The pants specialist Maier Sports relies on OUTTRA to integrate its specialist dealers on its website and to show which local dealers have the product available.

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Trousers does not equal trousers, and anyone who has ever worn (trousers) from Maier Sports knows: With 61 different sizes, the perfect Maier Sports trousers can be found for everyone. It's best to try on different pairs and find out which is the right size. Not only with pants, but also with functional tops and jackets. Anyone who has already browesed online at Maier Sports can then easily find the pants or jacket with a few clicks at their local specialist retailer, try them on and buy them there! OUTTRA supports Maier Sports and with our technology we help customers, specialist dealers and Maier Sports to come together!

Are you a retailer and carry brands which cooperate with us? Then get started with OUTTRA today and let us display your goods on these brand websites using the "Buy Local" search. The integration is free for you, safe according to the General Data Protection Regulation and an effective way to bring customers into your business. Contact us today at support-en@outtra.com - we look forward to hearing from you!