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Deuter joins the DATA & IMAGE HUB

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The mountain sports brand deuter is now using the OUTTRA DATA & IMAGE HUB to offer its retailers efficient access to product data and images. 

Backpack pioneer and sleeping bag expert deuter has been supporting its international specialist retail partners with tried-and-tested OUTTRA tools such as the Dealer Locator, Where-To-Buy Local and Shop Window since 2022. Now the outdoor brand from Gersthofen is also joining the OUTTRA DATA & IMAGE HUB. The central platform was developed for the exchange of product data between brands and retailers and is specially tailored to the diverse requirements of the outdoor and sports industry.

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The OUTTRA DATA & IMAGE HUB simplifies the exchange of product data and images between participating brands and retailers

In practice, this means uncomplicated and fast onboarding for retailers and reduced work and support costs for brands. Both parties benefit from additional sales and higher profits, as product data is available more quickly at the point of sale, allowing products to be offered and advertised faster.

In an interview with Siegbert Müller, Founder and CEO of OUTTRA, Stefan Schön, Business Development Manager Digital Sales at deuter, once again emphasizes the relevance of brick-and-mortar retailers for the company's own sales strategy:


"At deuter, retail has always played a crucial role in our business strategy.
OUTTRA Where-To-Buy and the Dealer Locator offer the ideal opportunity to support our retailers digitally. We now expect the DATA & IMAGE HUB to significantly streamline processes, especially for our specialist retailers."


Stefan Schön and Matthias Gumbrecht in conversation with Siegbert Müller at deuter in Gersthofen. Video © Jana Erb.

"The collaboration with deuter has always been characterized by communication at eye level. I really appreciate that. In addition to current topics, we also passionately discuss strategic ideas and visions. This always results in new, exciting, efficient developments and features," comments Siegbert Müller, founder and Managing Director of OUTTRA.

With deuter, over 30 brands from the outdoor, bike and sports industry are already part of the OUTTRA ecosystem, in addition to the almost 2000 affiliated retailers.

Christoph Haitzmann

Christoph Haitzmann, Bergans Sales Manager Central Europe

„Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Outtra unterstützen wir unsere Handelspartner und unsere Endkunden. Outtra verbindet die Markenwelt von Bergans mit der Kompetenz und der Erlebbarkeit des Fachhandels. Unsere Handelspartner profitieren von der Sichtbarkeit ihres Ladens in unserem Webshop, wodurch die Verkaufswahrscheinlichkeit gesteigert wird. Gleichzeitig ist die Anbindung für interessierte Händler einfach gestaltet und bietet unserer Ansicht nach einen echten Mehrwert für alle Beteiligten.“