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Ziener x OUTTRA Podcast on SAZ Sport

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In this podcast from SAZsport Daniel Ziener, Sales Manager at Ziener and Siegbert Müller, CEO of OUTTRA, talk about how they use the OUTTRA tool to help brick-and-mortar retailers to display the availability of goods at the PoS online to the consumer.

Trying on garments is always an advantage, especially when it comes to gloves, because it is annoying if you have ordered the wrong size online and then have to exchange them. Thanks to OUTTRA, customers who are looking for a new pair of gloves on the Ziener website can see with two clicks where the gloves or mitts they want are available in their area, and also reserve the pair! An absolute win-win for Ziener and its dealers - but listen to the podcast yourself (Please note that it is in German!).


Are you a retailer and carry brands which cooperate with us? Then get started today with OUTTRA and let us display your goods on the brand websites using the "Buy Local" search. The integration is free for you, safe according to the General Data Protection Regulation and an effective way to bring customers into your business. Contact us today at support-en@outtra.com - we look forward to hearing from you!