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Appointment booking in the store: Our Click & Meet tool is online!

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Our Click & Meet tool is now online and makes it easier for customers & dealers to book and coordinate appointments in the store.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic many retailers currently only allow a limited number of customers into their store, and that means for customers: make an appointment! Be it for a new pair of running shoes, a new backpack or a new pair of hiking pants - at the moment you can only come to many outdoor shops with an appointment. We at OUTTRA are happy to support our partners on the brand and retail side with our appointment booking tool and to make your life easier.

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There are different options for the integration: If you already use an appointment management program, such as the Sporthaus Schuster which uses Shore.de, we can connect you very easily via the "Buy Local" connection so that the appointments are entered directly in your appointment management program.

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Alternatively, there is also the possibility of connecting dealers via email. Here the customer books an appointment via the "Buy Local" tool and the dealer receives an email that he has to confirm. When the dealer confirms the appointment, the customer receives a second email with the confirmation and possible details.

The feedback from our dealers, who are already working with the appointment booking tool, is very positive and many are certain that even after the legal requirements for Click & Meet shopping are over this useful tool will remain in use. If you are one of our partner brands and dealers, please contact us, then we can activate the appointment booking for you!

Are you a dealer of brands that work with us? Then start today with OUTTRA and let us display your goods on the brand websites using the "Buy Local" search. The integration is free for you, safe according to the General Data Protection Regulation and an effective way to bring customers into your business. Contact us today at support-en@outtra.com - we look forward to hearing from you!